The Bondi cluster is at 566 as of 11th July with the daily case numbers expected to be over 100 today. 2 weeks into lockdown and things don’t seem to be improving – we are probably looking at quite a few weeks of lockdown now. People are not doing a strict lockdown – they are visiting family, going to furniture shops etc and as the Delta strain is so transmissible the contact tracers can barely keep up. And people have been withholding information from the contact tracers too. The rest of the States seem OK now, and surprisingly it hasn’t escaped out of Sydney into regional areas – despite people being caught out of area, often dobbed in by locals. The State of Origin was going to be moved to Newcastle, now it is going to the Gold Coast. The NRL is moving all the football teams to QLD in a few days, I suspect QLD will follow VIC and shut their borders to all of NSW after that. People are being encouraged to bring their second AV shot forward and we should be getting a lot more Pfizer vaccines into Australia soon. Let’s see how long this lockdown lasts, I would think at least 6 weeks.

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